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  • Genny, I am really enjoying your morning conferences. Not only do they get me up earlier, dressed and ready to roll, but I never fail to learn something, even after 25 years in real estate.

    - Gail Ward
  • In the first week that I hired Get a Real Estate Life, I got four seller leads and one buyer client. That’s nearly $23,000 in potential commissions!


    - Tanner Ashcraft
  • There are not enough words for me to describe what Get a Real Estate Life and Genny Williams in particular have meant to my business.  My business has been taken to not just another level but to several new levels.

    Genny has helped me to focus on exactly what I want my real estate business to be.  She has helped me to initiate “best” practices and models.  Systems about which I once knew nothing have been implemented, thanks to Genny.  My life is less stressful and much more enjoyable these days.  You might say that I got a real estate life.


    - Jeff Easter
  • Genny Williams and the Get a Real Estate Life team helped me transform my mindset from being a salesperson in a company to being a business owner with a plan.  And, the systems I’ve implemented help me increase my income every year. I doubled my income the first year and it’s increased every year since.

    - Jason Cook
  • The community coaching helps me tremendously with accountability and creating an organized business.  Genny and her team have taught me ways to succeed, and they always keep me motivated.

    - Angela Stevens
  • I’d been in real estate 12 years and was pretty confident in my abilities and ideas, but I never “leveled up” to top-tier status. Genny has a knack, along with proven systems, to zero in on her agents’ specific strengths. I have tripled my annual income after learning that “I get to do every day what I am best at doing!” It was time for me to handle myself and my business differently.

    - Paige Patterson
  • Genny has had an incredible impact on my real estate career! Her program is not a cookie-cutter program like so many out there. During our one-on-one meetings, she immediately recognized how to further improve my ability to list/sell homes using qualities that I’m already strong at, and she gave me the tools to do it. I don’t cold call (and never have) but Genny worked with me to develop a plan to get listings without having to cold call. She gave me so much reassurance to actually ask for what I want and to learn that failure is okay; it will make you stronger and you will want it more. Genny has the knowledge and tools for success. I would highly recommend her program for anyone that’s serious about Real Estate.

    - Manda Luccasen
  • Since I began Genny’s program, I have seen a tremendous increase in my business. Genny keeps me focused on meeting my goals for new client appointments each week. I also enjoy the daily training calls that keep me updated on the best systems and tools to help my business grow!

    - John Evans
  • I am thankful for the support I received in 2015 from Genny Williams and Kimberly Rau Bibb. By implementing their ideas, I had an AWESOME Year. In 2015, I closed 73 transactions for a total of $5,221,536. This consisted of 54 as a Listing Agent, 14 as a Dual Agent and five as a Buyers Agent. Per MLS data, I am ranked #3 in the market penetration for sales. This is HUGE considering #1 and #2 have teams. My numbers indicate I left a lot of money on the table. Thanks to the ladies, I know what I need to do in 2016. I look forward to hearing what exciting ideas they have in mind this year.

    - Debra Hubka
  • Genny Williams with Get a Real Estate Life is the consummate professional. She cares about her clients and has their best interests at heart. I have had the pleasure of knowing her the past several years and can highly recommend her.

    - Tom Horn