Here's Why Setting Clear Expectations with Clients Keeps You from Wasting Time and Energy

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What Are Your Rules?
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If you've been in Real Estate for longer than 5 minutes, you've learned that things can change at the drop of a hat:

• A potential buyer calls and wants to see a new listing immediately. • Sellers want you to agree to a lower commission rate. • New prospects want to schedule 8 property showings in one day. • Your phone is silent for a week and then rings off the hook during your vacation • And many more scenarios just like these!

New agents struggle with wanting to please everyone, and veteran agents can't seem to scale their efforts to achieve maximum growth!

So, how do you meet the needs of clients without burning yourself out?

Write Your Rules!

We've shared this worksheet with several agents in our 6 Figure Intensity group, and we've gotten great feedback from the ones that implemented their own personal rules.

As it turns out, stating your rules clearly upfront can actually help you gain respect from clients without putting them off.

The key to keeping your business, your mind, your body and your relationships intact is setting clear boundaries.

Remember, It's YOUR business!

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