The 4 Pillars of Social Media Posting

Have a social media presence for your business but don't know what to post? Find clarity with our Content Compass!

In 2019, 85 percent of Real Estate Agents have active social media presences for their business, but they claim one of their biggest struggles is not knowing what to post on their channels.

Additionally, they don't know how to maintain the consistency needed to build a community that leads to a thriving business, AKA MONEY!

I totally understand that struggle, so I'm writing you to help you gain clarity and direction, so that you can learn what to post, when to post, how to schedule posts and how to use your posts to grow your business and gain clients.

The 4 Pillars for Social Media Posting are Community, Expertise, Listings and Branding. If you base all your posts around these 4 pillars, you will not only have 4 posts per week, you will begin to understand how to present your brand and services to the digital world.


At least once per week, you should do a video interview with a local business owner or take a photo and "check in" at a local establishment. It could be a new restaurant in town or a contractor nearby, etc.

By taking the time to shine a light on local businesses, you will become the "local expert or educator" for the market you're in while also introducing yourself to that business's online audience.

Sample: "Like my page, share this post and tag 3 friends to enter to win 3 FREE LARGE PIZZAS at Marco's Pizza!"

Tag that business in your Facebook post, ask them to share the post, Boost the post for $10 to people that like your page and their friends and you will see a huge amount of engagement. Invite people that like the post to like your page as well.


As a licensed agent, you know more than the average bear about Real Estate, so share that knowledge in the form of blog posts, quick tips and videos about the current market, upgrades buyers pay more for in your area or refinance tips featuring your preferred lender.

Sample: "How Falling Mortgage Rates Make Now the Best Time to Buy!"

A home is a person's most costly purchase and most valuable asset. Educate your community on their investment and how they can get a return on it, and they will listen. Write a blog post on your website, post on your social media channels and then retarget those that visited the blog with more specific offers, such as "Download This Free Seller Guide" or "Instant Home Value Report" to capitalize on their curiosity and start a conversation.

Testimonial graphics from past clients are also extremely effective.


If you have a current listing, you should be posting weekly about it. If a general post announcing the listing doesn't attract a buyer immediately, dive deeper by highlighting specific features on video or communicating the benefits of living in that area.

Sample: "Gorgeous 3 BR/2BA Home For Sale in Popular Crestwood South!"

Don't currently have a listing? Ask someone on your team if you can help them promote their listing on your social media channels. A simple $10 Facebook Boost to a 10-mile radius around the home's address can easily generate 1-3 leads per day. You can create a simple, free landing page through LeadPages or drive traffic to your website and retarget that traffic using the Facebook Pixel.


Using brief video clips or free Canva graphics, explain what makes you different from all the other Agents fighting for the same business. Are you a military vet? Do you love to travel? Coffee fanatic? Soccer Mom? Got an eye for luxury decor?

Find your niche and identify the ideal client that shares your interests. There are so many agents in every market doing the same things to get business, and consumers have grown tired of it! Define what makes you...well, you...and build your brand around it.

Sample: "How My Experience in the Military Helps Me Fight for My Clients in Negotiations!"

You can also create a Facebook Group in a certain niche and invite people to join your group and discuss certain topics like best babysitters in the area, local parks for adventure-seekers or best coffee shops in Birmingham. For every 7 posts, post about your services.

Create a Facebook cover photo and use colors of a specific palette across graphics and channels (Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.) so that when people see your branding they immediately attach your name to it.

Content Scheduling Apps and Services

Facebook's built-in scheduling feature is great. Block off 1-2 hours once per week to schedule your content, so you don't have to worry about it during the week. Hootsuite can help you schedule Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Wordpress. Planoly is great for Instagram. Tailwind is the best tool for Pinterest.

*Courtesy of Caryn Terradas at Social U.


By following The 4 Pillars of Social Media Posting, you now have a content compass that will help you create at least 4 posts per week. These pillars serve as a guide for the kind of content that wins in the digital world.

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