How to Turn Friends Into Footsoldiers

I like to use the Subway sandwich story when helping agents understand how to turn family, friends, past clients and vendors into foot soldiers for a referral-based business, because it’s a perfect illustration.

When you go to Subway, you tell the person behind the counter what sandwich you want, what bread, what veggies and what sauce. You’re telling the person exactly what you want.

This is critical when asking for referrals. I tell people exactly how to refer me and to whom. I use a referral card at every appointment asking what 3 people they know that need to sell a home in the next 60 days, AKA “The Magic Question.”

Ask questions like, “Who do you work with that’s recently been promoted, married, had a kid, divorced or has mentioned a new home?”

Being specific and purposeful with how you ask is the best way to generate referrals of ideal clients!

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