How to Run a Weekend Flash Sale for Your Listing

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Do you have a great property priced right in line with comps, but it's not getting the attention you think it deserves? Try a social-driven "Flash Sale" by dropping the price around $10,000 and advertising across your channels for the weekend.

How to Do It

Adjust the price in MLS on Thursday or Friday, email your database and post on Facebook and Instagram that the deal will end Sunday night. Include photos or video and a link to the property listing on your website. Boost this post on Facebook for $10 to an audience of people who like your page and their friends.

If you know your way around Facebook Ads, you can also create an ad optimized for Traffic (Link Clicks) or Video Views to the web listing. Create a Custom Audience comprised of people within a 15 miles radius of the home with interest targeting such as Zillow, Mortgage Calculator and Property Search.

You could also hold an Open House on Sunday to encourage deal-seekers to stop by the property.

By combining these two ad placements with an email to your database announcing the Flash Sale, you can revive previous leads for the property, reach thousands of people in your area and invite them to like/follow your page and entice your sphere of influence to go to work for you, all while generating leads for your property from a newer audience of buyers.

Recent Results

Genny recently ran a Flash Sale on a home in Hoover that had been listed for several months and got it UNDER CONTRACT! The seller was so impressed that she also referred Genny to a friend!

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