10 Things New Agents Can Do Right Now to Advance Their Skills

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10 Things Real Estate Agents Can Do Right Now to Advance Their Skills

The outbreak of COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the United States real estate industry over the past month, leaving thousands of agents across the nation with time on their hands, as several states have hit pause on allowing showings altogether.

While agents in some states have more or less carried on as usual (safely of course) due to high market demand, at this time of writing, an opportunity has opened up for agents, especially new ones, to check under the hood before rewriting their 2020 business plans.

Virtual trainings and interview panels featuring Top Producers have seamlessly emerged across all corners of the U.S. and the chance to pick up new skills is understandably overwhelming.

To help newer agents focus, we've broken down a list of 10 Things Real Estate Agents Can Do Right Now to Advance Their Skills.

  1. Study and understand all contracts and clauses

  2. Practice writing offers

  3. Practice writing net sheets

  4. Interview loan officers about different loan programs and what's required of each

  5. Learn about home warranties; coverage, loopholes, deductibles

  6. Read the hot sheet every morning so you know what's selling and what's hitting the market

  7. Master electronic signature platform of your choice

  8. Attend classes on anything that will increase your knowledge base

  9. Analyze the neighborhoods you want to work

  10. Build a database and sphere of influence

Right now is an excellent opportunity to mime a deal start to finish.

Practice running through your listing and buyer presentations, write a mock home description, draw up a pretend offer, counter that offer, type up net sheets and create some sample just sold postcards/graphics.

Deepen your relationship with your lender and better understand how to co-market.

Pick 10 neighborhoods in your area that you'd like to dominate, and generate market reports for those neighborhoods. Study business around the neighborhoods and plan to interview owners to establish yourself as the area expert.

Track where your business actually came from over the past year. Is paying for Zillow leads helping or hurting you? Is it time to pull the trigger on a direct mail campaign? Where are the leaks?

Most importantly, perhaps, if you haven't created an Excel sheet of your database, right now is the time to knock that out! Seek out the contact information for the Top 150 people you know best.

Be sure to let us know what is working for you and ask Genny any questions on our Facebook page.

For more training, visit our YouTube page.

If you would like to receive a 60-Day Guest Pass to over 50+ hours of weekly training in eXp World, send an email with your full name and phone number to!

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