Genny Williams, known as "The Obsessed Real Estate Marketer," has been a titan in the industry for the last two decades as a Broker/Owner, Marketing Guru, Keynote Speaker, Author, 6 Figure Coach, Top-Producing Realtor and CEO of Get a Real Estate Life, a real estate marketing team based in Birmingham, AL.

Join Genny and other hungry Real Estate Agents for November's 30-Day Challenge to fight back against any market slowdown and any part of yourself that is comfortable with calling it a year. Go to work while your competition sleeps so that you can meet or EXCEED your 2019 goals!

What is this crazy challenge?

Most of us know WHAT to do. We just DON'T do it. But, time for closings is getting down to the last wire for 2019.  So, starting DOING by saying YES to the 30 day challenge. YES to 5 pending contracts in 30 days. Nov 1 through 30, the goal is to get 5 new pending contracts. It can be listings or buyers. We don't care. We do care about ending the year with a BANG and 5 more pendings can be life changing.


How are you going to do it? We will lead you into prospecting tips EVERY day at 7AM CST that will get you immediate business for the day. You'll phone will ring and you will hear direction on what you can do to find a new client before the end of the day. The challenge? Doing it! No NEW program to learn. Just easy prospecting ideas that WORK, if you work. How do I know? Because every time I've issued a challenge in the past, I've watched HUGE, quick successes. It's the encouragement, the direction, the DO THIS EXACTLY, and the accountability you get at the end of the day that make you do it. 


What will these phone calls consist of?  Tips like this:

  • Ask 25 people YOU DON'T KNOW the Magic Question by 5:00 pm today.

  • Do a Facebook live about the hottest selling neighborhood in town, in front of the neighborhood sign.

  • Take breakfast to 3 businesses. Add new folks to database. Follow up.

  • Call 10 expired listings using this script.


Each call will provide direction, tips, and best practices. Then, you do the work and earn 5 pending sales in 30 days.


Let's do this!

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