Get all of your marketing systems running smoothly by investing in our


If you’re ready to increase your income by working only with clients you REALLY love, then put us to work.


You may already have an excellent income, but feel scattered and fried.  Just when you think you’ve got one system running smoothly, you realize you’re just winging another one.


Does any of this sound familiar? You:


  • Get called for a listing appointment, and OOPS, you have to scramble to put together a last-minute listing presentation.
  • Don’t know how to market listings, aside from slapping them on MLS and sticking a For Sale sign in the yard.
  • Help a client sell a fantastic home, but you don’t solidify a lasting relationship after the sale.
  • Want to own a certain neighborhood or market, but you don’t know how.
  • Would hire an assistant, but you don’t know to create a message that gets results.


Start feeling organized, polished and innovative.  Stand out in the market and do what you do best – convert and close!  We will handle all of your marketing plans for you.  Seriously, it’s the laziest way to 6 Figures and BEYOND.


Here’s what you can expect:


  • ALL the benefits of the 6 Figure Community
  • ALL the benefits of the 6 Figure Client Nurture Plan.
  • Initial interview plan building.
  • One monthly check-in call.
  • Forty-eight page DISC personality profile.
  • Personal brochure showcasing your value.
  • Lead-generation plan that produces your ideal client.
  • Custom follow-up plan that converts.
  • Feast for Life plan.
  • After-the-Sale Gratitude Plan.
  • Just Sold campaigns that pay.
  • Listing promotion plans that WOW your sellers.
  • Total Market Takeovers in your favorite communities.
  • Open house plans that produce over 30 visitors.


Tom Horn

Genny Williams with Get a Real Estate Life is the consummate professional. She cares about her clients and has their best interests at heart. I have had the pleasure of knowing her the past several years and can highly recommend her.


Who I am – Why I developed the Lazy 6 Figure Formula



I’m Genny Williams, also known as the 6 Figure Coach. This is my 21st year in real estate, but for OVER 8 YEARS, I’ve been coaching real estate agents and loan officers into 6 PLUS Figure incomes. We have such a high success rate, because our program is highly personalized and customized for you, the individual. What some people may do for business, you’d never dream of doing. I provide you with the lead generation strategies and branding that you can commit to using – not theory or ideas – REAL ACTION.

I created the Lazy 6 Figure Formula, because it’s EXACTLY what I craved as an agent. When you’re busy in your business, there is little time to think about how you’re going to dominate, how you’re going to stand out and how you can provide the best experience for your client. Hiring an administrator isn’t the answer, because it takes a special expertise to get the right results. You can think of Get a Real Estate Life as your personal advertising and marketing company.  We make you look good, generate leads that PAY and keep you consistent.

My passion is helping real estate agents transform their businesses and, therefore, their lives!

Invest in the Lazy 6 Figure Formula today, and immediately see a difference in your business.

I hope you’ll join us, and I look forward to celebrating your success.


Genny Williams
CEO – 6 Figure Coach
Get a Real Estate Life

John Evans

Since I began Genny’s program, I have seen a tremendous increase in my business. Genny keeps me focused on meeting my goals for new client appointments each week. I also enjoy the daily training calls that keep me updated on the best systems and tools to help my business grow!

$15,000 package with 12 monthly payments of $1,250. Or, save $3,000 with one payment of only $12,000.

**Postage, printing, and other project costs are additional.

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