Make Your Voicemail a Selling Tool to Get Hired!

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It’s true. I call REALTORS® every day, but last week really stood out, as I dialed 20 in one day.  Call after call, I discovered no voicemails were set up.  In fact, only four of the calls I made had actual voicemail messages. One was an automated message with just the number. The other three didn’t stand […]

The New Agent: How to Overcome Call Reluctance

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On Wednesday, we posted Three Tips for New Agents to Gain Listings on a Shoestring Budget. One of those tips was to compile a list of everyone you know, what we call your “sphere of influence,” and CALL them. No texting, no emailing. An actual conversation.   Every call you make represents an opportunity to […]

Savoring the Middle Moments in 2017

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At some point in the holiday season, we probably all sat alone on the porch with a warm cup of coffee and a blanket, looking back on 2016, laughing, maybe crying, maybe laughing until we cried, while recalling the highs and lows of those wonderful, chaotic 360-few days.   Boy, it flew by, didn’t it? […]

Witnessing Miracles in People’s Lives in 2016

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Because of market conditions and creating a community of hungry, goal-seeking achievers, I’ve had the joy of watching miracles in my clients’ lives this year.   Sure, there have been struggles; there always will be struggles. But, the difference in people who exceed high goals and those who do not is the sheer ability to […]

60 Days to 6 Figures

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  That’s a wrap on our “12 Days of Business Planning.” We moved step by step, day by day, to provide insight on how you can build a solid foundation to ensure future success.   Thanks to all of you that provided feedback. We will be working incredibly hard in the next year to continue […]

Day 11 – 12 Days of Business Planning – Marketing and Promotion Plans for Your Listings

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Congratulations, you heeded yesterday’s advice on crushing your listing presentation, and you’ve earned the seller’s business. Now, it’s your time to back up the talk, starting with a marketing and promotional plan for the listing.   The possibilities seem endless and, sometimes, downright intimidating. But, fear not. Here are four essential tips to serve as […]