Keep Your Pricing Strategy in Check

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Competition drove home prices up in the first five months of the year, but, as the market cools a bit at the start of summer, will your pricing strategy still help your seller, or scare buyers away? The market slows down in June – every year – so make sure that you are prepared to […]

It’s Time to Examine Your Lead Sources

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You might be throwing your $$$ down the drain!! In today’s blog, I talk about a super-talented client of mine that is spending $6,000 a month on Zillow and not getting anywhere near the return on his investment compared to what he’s getting from his sphere!   You might be surprised where your business is […]

Just Because It’s Summer…

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Doesn’t mean it’s time to stop prospecting!! Even though people are out on vacation doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to keep building your business. Try these tips: 1. Share a favorite client story of how you helped on social media. Not a bragging, “I closed another deal” post. But, the real help and advice that was […]

Sellers Want to Buy Before They Sell

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If you’re frustrated with sellers that want to put their homes on the market, but won’t, because they haven’t found the house they want to buy first, then you’re a typical busy agent. Potential sellers are terrified that they can’t find the home they really want before their personal homes sell, so they are shopping […]

Make Your Voicemail a Selling Tool to Get Hired!

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It’s true. I call REALTORS® every day, but last week really stood out, as I dialed 20 in one day.  Call after call, I discovered no voicemails were set up.  In fact, only four of the calls I made had actual voicemail messages. One was an automated message with just the number. The other three didn’t stand […]

The New Agent: How to Overcome Call Reluctance

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On Wednesday, we posted Three Tips for New Agents to Gain Listings on a Shoestring Budget. One of those tips was to compile a list of everyone you know, what we call your “sphere of influence,” and CALL them. No texting, no emailing. An actual conversation.   Every call you make represents an opportunity to […]