Where Do I Start With Business Video?

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Business video is an exciting adventure that most companies want to implement in their marketing strategy. But, most professionals within the company do not know where to start when it comes to implementing video production. I have compiled a brief list of resources to help jump start your journey and hopefully eliminate the anxiety of […]

10 Ideas for Marketing Your Luxury Properties

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Recently, I attended the Inman Luxury Connect in Beverly Hills.  I was on the search for fresh innovative marketing ideas that I could bring back to my clients and implement into their property promotions. What I discovered was that oftentimes, “old school” tactics are still the BEST way to market a property. In fact, I […]

An Automatic Advertising Fail

It’s EVERYWHERE. You can’t escape it on business cards, social media posts, brochures, banners, billboards, radio ads and even signs. But, every time I see it, I’m immediately back in college at the University of South Alabama listening to my Advertising professor explain how we would receive an AUTOMATIC FAIL if he ever heard or […]

Use These Tech Tools to Connect with Your Database

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October is all about reconnecting with your sphere of influence. Last week, we talked about sending gifts, and this week we’re listing a few technological tools that you can use to remain a part of your past clients’ lives, without giving off a salesperson vibe.   Strengthen your personal connection with your database with these […]

Want a Trick for More Referrals? Treat Your Database!

October is all about getting personal in your business and reconnecting with your sphere of influence. Gifts are such a great way to add WOW factor into your business with a fun surprise element that keeps people feeling appreciated, while you are being unforgettable.     Relationships are fundamental to all aspects of our life, not just […]

Tips for Real Estate Open House Follow Up

After you’ve had an excellent open house with good traffic, you’ll want to follow up with people right away. Ideally, you want to schedule a follow up meeting during the open house. Many people who use open houses successfully encourage a buyer to see a home nearby directly following the open house or even a […]

How Long Will You Keep Letting Your Struggles Dominate You?

Together, we filled up an entire whiteboard with the FRUSTRATIONS of agents that attended my CE course, Build a Bigger, Better Buyer Business at the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORSÒ last week.   An Entire Whiteboard.   After 20 years in real estate, it wasn’t the frustrations themselves that surprised me.  It was the sheer […]

Q&A: Global Homes Group Associate Broker Jeremy Dobbs

Jeremy Dobbs is Associate Broker for Global Homes Group, a newly-formed real estate team under the Keller Williams umbrella selling in West Alabama, including the Tuscaloosa, Northwood Lake, Northport and Lake Tuscaloosa areas.   The team is comprised of Jeremy, Adam Beams, Britt Payne, Luke Krieger, Heather Beth Lochridge and Kaysi Snyder. GHG has closed […]

Proactive Price Reductions Get Your Seller Faster Money 

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Sellers are always emotionally attached to the price of their homes. It’s been that way since the world’s first REALTORÒ listed the world’s first luxury prehistoric, jungle-chic cave dwelling.   Most often, sellers went through a great deal to buy their home, personalize it, create memories in it and now want to capitalize off their […]

The Truth About Real Estate Logos

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(In the tone and cadence of Jeff Foxworthy…)   If you think that all it takes to sell a house is slapping it on MLS and sticking a sign in the yard…you might be a boring agent.   If buyers treat you like a tour guide with keys…you might be a boring agent.   And, […]