Turn your business into a referral machine…

Implement Our 6 Figure Client Nurture Plan

Earn consistent referrals from your sphere of influence, while we do all the work for you!


Aren’t you tired of working harder? It’s time to work smarter!


Does any of this sound familiar? You:


  • Spend tons of money on lead generation systems that aren’t getting you referrals.
  • Never stay in touch with your past clients.
  • Send past clients a few things a year, but don’t get any referrals for it.
  • Have joined programs that provide client touches, but they pile up in your office or garage.
  • Want to stay in touch, but you don’t want to be bothersome. And you don’t know what to say.
  • See other people have 100% referral businesses and can’t understand how.
  • Are ready to work smarter, answer incoming calls and set appointments.


Our 6 Figure Client Nurture Plan turns your SPHERE OF INFLUENCE into FOOT SOLDIERS for your business!


Here’s what you can expect:


  • ALL the benefits of the 6 Figure Community.
  • A customized marketing plan that loves on your sphere of influence three times per month.
  • The plan will be designed, calendared and implemented for the entire year. LITERALLY, we will take everything to the post office for you.
  • Customized listing and buyer presentations.


Paige Patterson

I’d been in real estate 12 years and was pretty confident in my abilities and ideas, but I never “leveled up” to top-tier status. Genny has a knack, along with proven systems, to zero in on her agents’ specific strengths. I have tripled my annual income after learning that “I get to do every day what I am best at doing!” It was time for me to handle myself and my business differently.


Who I am – Why I developed the 6 Figure Client Nurture Plan



I’m Genny Williams, also known as the 6 Figure Coach. This is my 21st year in real estate, but for OVER 8 YEARS, I’ve been coaching real estate agents and loan officers into 6 PLUS Figure incomes. We have such a high success rate, because our program is highly personalized and customized for you, the individual. What some people may do for business, you’d never dream of doing. I provide you with the lead generation strategies and branding that you can commit to using – not theory or ideas – REAL ACTION.

From working with thousands of REALTORS® through the years, and being one myself, I’ve learned that being consistent with marketing and loving on your past clients and sphere is a challenge. When you’re busy, you feel like you just spoke with your former buyer or seller recently.  But, when you slow down a bit, you’re embarrassed to call and touch base because you realize it’s been much longer.  Of course, when you see another agent’s sign pop up in their yard, you’re devastated and feel like quitting (even if only for a minute).

I never want this to happen to you again.  Referrals are the easiest way to do business.  It’s much less expensive to earn a referral and get repeat business than it is to go out and generate NEW business.  So, I had to develop a plan to help my clients FEEL ORGANIZED, be consistent, and get RESULTS.  That’s why we do it all for you!

Implement the Client Nurture Plan today, and immediately see a difference in your business.

I hope you’ll join us, and I look forward to celebrating your success.


Genny Williams
CEO – 6 Figure Coach
Get a Real Estate Life


Jason Cook

Genny Williams and the Get a Real Estate Life team helped me transform my mindset from being a salesperson in a company to being a business owner with a plan.  And, the systems I’ve implemented help me increase my income every year. I doubled my income the first year and it’s increased every year since.


$9,000 package with 12 monthly payments of $750. Or save $1500 with one payment of only $7,500.

Get started today by emailing sydney@getarealestatelife.com,

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